Quick Overview


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- Automatic operation

- Indoor use

- Easy to install

- 10 year lifetime

- No maintenance costs

- Effect: all types of fire A, B, C, F,  in automatic mode

           of operation for extinguishing elektrical fires

- Friendly to humans and the environment (without halons)

- Can also be used as fire-extinguishing grenades

- Made in Slovenia

- Additional discounts on insurance houses

- Dimensions: 300 mm x 90 mm ​×60mm

                                                        -Total weight: 1030 g

      - Volume: 600 ml ampoule containing liquid extinguishing agent Bonpet in a sealed glass ampoule.





AUTOMATIC FIRE without harm to people and the environment! 



The purpose of fire ampoules Bonpet: Fire Bonpet ampoules are designed to automatically extinguishing fires in small confined areas where potential sources of fire, usually electrical devices in continuous operation, but it is not guaranteed a permanent human presence. Are needed in all places where it is difficult access of people or if the opening accelerate the development of a fire in the room. Irreplaceable at all locations where it may first appear Exploding explosion, followed by a quick fire.

The ampoule is recommended for the installation of the following features: automatic mode , which means the effective extinguishing of small fires and the protection of property and lives in households, businesses, boaters and others., no false alarms , it is activated only if there has been an increase in temperature, the ampoule can be used by throwing the origin of the fire, due to the simplicity of the human factor accounted for panic or confusion, the aestheticand reminiscent of the lamp, it does not cause further damage in the fire, because the rest of the liquid easy to wipe, isenvironmentally friendly extinguishing agent ( safe for humans and the environment);

Life span:

  • It has a long lifespan (10 years);
  • no maintenance (care is necessary only that the glass is not damaged);
  • Easy installation and removal in case of relocation.

Safety: In Slovenia, the ampoule is tested at the Institute of Civil Engineering in Ljubljana (P 653/99-530-2: Firefighting oil in the kitchen, P 651/99-530-1: Firefighting flammable liquids). Based on the technical approval no. Relief GS 01 02 01 00, which was issued in 2001 by the Ministry of Defence, Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the ampoule is issued for a declaration of conformity. 

Colors: extinguishing ampoule exist in four basic color variants. When ordering larger quantities following an agreement can be manufactured as well as other color variations.

Extras : Fire ampoules can be upgraded switch for activating the fire alarm at the fire headquarters, ampoule Bonpet may be protected by a safety net that prevents damage to glass, shoulder bag for storing vials if it carries with it the security guard at the longer rounds.