Bonpet grenade

Quick Overview

Material: PVC

- Filling: 500 ml of liquid Bonpet

Usage: As a fire-extinguishing grenades. Granato with mentanjem smash near the fire.

The purpose of extinguishing grenades Bonpet:  Grenades Bonpet are designed for extinguishing fires in small confined areas where potential sources of fire.

Grenade is recommended to use the following features:

effectively extinguishing any incipient stage and the protection of property and lives in households, businesses, boaters, and others;

- used to fire the grenade throwing to the source of fire;

- does not cause additional damage for fire, because the residual liquids easily wipe;

- contains environmentally friendly extinguishing agent.

Advantages: It has a long life (5 years), no maintenance costs.

Security: In Slovenia, the ampoule is tested at the Institute of Civil Engineering in Ljubljana (P 653/99-530-2: fire extinguishing oil in the kitchen, P 651/99-530-1: fire extinguishing flammable liquids). Based on the technical approval no. Relief GS 01 02 01 00, by the year 2001 by the Ministry of Defence, Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the ampoule is issued for declaration of conformity. 

Size, weight, quantity: Size: 197mm×60mm (diameter), Weight: 700 g, grenade containing 500 ml of liquid extinguishing agent Bonpet.

Colors: extinguishing ampoule are available in two different color versions: white and red