Fixed firefighting system

Quick Overview


The main purpose of installing fixed fire-fighting equipment is to protect the property, especially in cases of large, open, fire more strongly endangered area.

According to the properties of the liquid and the extinguishing effect Bonpet the device is intended to extinguish fires classification A (solid) and B (flammable liquids) category.

Built-in current Bonpet extinguisher is designed as a built-zone fire extinguishing system.



The principle of operation of the fixed fire-extinguishing system in the way of performance falls within the scope of spray fire extinguishing . It should be noted that the account of a piping nozzle and deploying such a system for spraying water , the only difference is the amount extinguis. Spraying water is primarily the task of the mediation of fire so the norms required by the spray of water a longer time. Spraying liquid fire Bonpet has basically the task extinguish the fire, due to its effectiveness, it is sufficient scatter significantly shorter duration of fluid (up to 20 seconds) and is not watering as needed in water . Given the exceptional ability to fire, therefore, in the container according to the calculation based on the surface of the quenching, there is a surprisingly small amount of extinguishing liquid Bonpet.


Built-in fire extinguisher consists of elements of mechanical and electrical equipment and is one of the low-pressure systems with operating pressures up to 5 bar fire, which means that for a system of pipelines using pipe and pipe fittings with low test pressure of 7.5 bar (water lines ).


Design of fixed fire-fighting equipment is based on a view and plans of premises with technological equipment.Produces project documentation is subject to the applicable lawyers in the field of fire protection systems. The basis for developing the project is to determine the number of zones on the location of the fire equipment or materials on the premises. Based on the definition of the zones enforced calculate the volume of liquid fire Bonpet. The maximum calculated the quantity of extinguishing fluid Bonpet one zone is the basis for the selection of the size of the reservoir fluid Bonpet fire. With the amount of extinguishing liquid in the tank and the tank capacity is conditional on the size of the module, in the presence of all components to the tank.